Chords & Lyrics


Introducing the official 16-page chord book accompaniment to Luke’s 2009 album Have You Got Heart?, featuring chords, lyrics and tempo guides for all ten songs on the album!

The chord book is suitable for pianists, guitarists, sitarists and ukeleleists alike, or just about any other instrumentalist that you can think of (probably). 

The book also contains pointers from Luke explaining how some of the more complicated chords can be adapted for less confident players. 

Nerdy details:

  • cover is printed on heavyweight textured cream card
  • inner pages are printed on brilliant white laid (textured) 100 gsm Conqueror paper
  • clear, easy to read layout, with black and red print
  • each book is designed, printed and hand numbered by Luke
  • you will also receive an electronic PDF version of the chord book with your order - put it on your iPhone for learning on the go!
Buy chord book for £5 here. Download a free sample of the chord book here.


The lyrics to all of my songs are on Bandcamp. Click on the album that you want lyrics for, hover over the song title on Bandcamp, then click ‘lyrics’. Bam!