This week I received the greatest thing in the post that I think I’ve ever received. My friend Ben (of Encyclopedia fame) has started a bespoke tour jacket company called The Tour Jacket Co. So far he’s made jackets for the likes of Darwin Deez and Tellison, and when I saw him a few months ago he said that he would make one for me too. Sadly the jacket didn’t arrive in time for my tour of Germany in May (hence the world tour 2011), but it’s here now and it is the best thing ever. Thank you, Ben. I love you. When I open my wardrobe and see my jacket it makes me feel warm inside.

P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I’ll take some rad ones soon.

8:05 pm  •  15 July 2011

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    This is so cool! and it was made in Yeovil… LUKEY YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW.
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